SAP S/4HANA Integrated Business Planning -- Helping you deploy a customized solution to your specific needs to manage end to end Supply chain process. From customized “Supply chain control Tower” to effective collaboration using SAP JAM, transforming your operations, your approach, and your bottom line.

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SAP Business One

SAP B1 - dedicated small business ERP solution with the controls and technology of NEXT Generations ERP systems. It provides a cost-effective ERP solution with quick deployment strategy - without impacting the budgets of SMEs.

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SCM Consulting

We believe that 6sigma and operational excellence do not provide cost-effective solutions in most cases, instead, today's dynamic business environment needs simple and phased approach using Lean principles and Theory of Constraint provide better value

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Only SAP

Just as many of us do not know that there is an arrow on our cars panel indicating where the fuel cap is …. are we using the capabilities of SAP to its full?

We believe ONLY SAPS/4HANA – for all your ERP, monitoring, control requirements
Let us help you reduce expenses on various software, interfaces & IT resources issues and let only one platform be the SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH
5A core strength is in developing deploying solution with SAP S/4HANA – Integrated Business Planning
We add value to your operations in terms of decision making real-time information and by increasing the operational effectiveness of your team.

5A Consulting Team

Increasing Operational Effectiveness in End-to-End Supply Chain Planning and Execution