What is new in IBP 1902


Since its launch SAP is very aggressively updating the IBP modules and has released numerous modification. The latest one is 1902 (Feb 2019), with the following main features:

  1. Updated — IBP Excel Add-In 1902.2.0:
    1. Now user can view a list of his most commonly used attributes & key figures in most working folders, like “Edit Planning View” or “Quick Edit Planning View” etc.
    2. Can copy Planning Notes between Versions
    3. When running the Copy and Disaggregate Key Figure operator within a single planning area, you can now select a combination of a scenario and version
    4. When scheduling the Copy Operator or the Copy and Disaggregate Key Figure Operator job in the IBP Excel add-in, you can now change the period selection
  2. Web-Based Planning
    1. Fiori app to analyze and change planning data in IBP
  3. Analytics and Exception Management
    1. The Monitor Custom Alerts app has been redesigned to improve usability and enable more features
    2. Alerts can be defined based on a version or a version/scenario
    3. The rules can now specify whether a certain key figure is not null and consider only those values
    4. There is an option whether you want to expose the parameters to the user or you want the system to set them up with default values
  4. Sales & Operations Planning
    1. Now you can Purge all processes that are older than the given number of days for all or specified processes templates.
    2. You can Create Process Steps without Tasks
    3. Process Management Enhancements gives a Gantt Chart for Viewing Multiple Recurring Processes at a Glance
  5. Demand Planning
    1. Updates have been done in the areas of Time Series Analysis, Statistical Forecasting, of Product Lifecycle Management, Realignment, and Forecast Error Calculation
  6. Inventory Optimization
    1. Now you can define planning-horizon parameters (week basis) for inventory-optimization planning operators
  7. Fiori app updates:
    1. Rendering of the supply chain network
    2. Supply Chain Network Visualization
  8. Supply Planning
    1. You can now run forecast consumption without supply planning
    2. Enables you to define a second coverage time span in which to build up safety stock.
    3. New check for supply planning key figures
  9. Order-based Planning
    1. Offers more options for planning with buffers
  10. Enhanced Integration of SAP ECC, S/4HANA with IBP Using Add-On
  11. New Global Configuration app
  12. DSX – Built-in support in IBP using CoPilot:
    1. Search IBP documentation
    2. Create a customer incident with contextual data automatically added*
    3. Submit an improvement/feature request on the SAP Customer Influence Portal
    4. Manage S-users

For more details please check the following 2 documents:





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