SAP IBP – Designed for your business

SAP has taken much learning from APO and has used that to develop a truly customized tool to completely manage end-to-end Supply Chain processes. In my opinion, this “Modular” approach provides customers with a tool which is dedicated to their unique business environment and needs.

SAP IBP enables an organization to bring all its S&OP process together using the same data, reporting and execution to one source. One source to plan, control and monitor all activities with real time updates and integrated with financial data transforming it to decision making information

SAP IBP has many modules:

Supply Chain Control Tower à Providing End to End visibility & alerts

IBP for Sales and operations à Strategic & tactical decision making process

IBP for Demand à Demand sensing and Statistical analysis

IBP for Inventory à Multistage inventory optimization

IBP for Supply à Constrained and unconstrained supply Planning

IBP for Response à Allocations planning & order rescheduling

Supported with Tools like SAP JAM, Fiori and ever user-friendly Microsoft Excel — it has the power to transform your business process and take you to the next level of business operations.

Consultants can guide the organization to pick & choose many options specific to their special business needs and requirements

5A Consulting!

Increasing Operational Effectiveness in End-to-End Supply Chain using SAP S/4HANA