Helping you deploy a customized solution to your needs with the standard offering of SAP IBP and developing business process and controlling analytics around the end to end planning and execution process. Customized “Supply chain control Tower” to effective collaboration between stakeholders using SAP Jam, this tool will transform your operations, your approach, and your bottom line.

All you need under one umbrella (SAP IBP Tools):

  1. Supply Chain Control Tower
  2. Supply and Operation Planning
  3. Demand Planning
  4. Inventory Optimization
  5. Supply Planning Demand response
  6. Integrated with Financial and live update

 So that you can take timely decisions


If your S&OP process is not driving your decision then you are loosing ……….

Many organizations struggle to put an effective S&OP process in place thus giving up on the huge financial benefits and operational effectiveness this tool can provide and the resilts are only few steps away…..   FEW RIGTH STEPS AWAY.

Let us help you to take those right steps

We believe that only fine tuning the Process will provide results in very short period. We intend to take those steps in phases ensuring the comfort of Stakeholders and without impacting your budget.

Let us explain how you can achieve it

5A Consulting!

Increasing Operational Effectiveness in End-to-End Supply Chain using SAP S/4HANA