We conduct training workshops and information session on various aspects of Supply Chain operations and SAP. Few unique options are:

1 — SAP S/4HANA Integrated Business Planning

2 — SAp Business One – End-users

3 — SAP s/4HANA for Jack & Jill

Explaining what is S/4 HANA in simplest form and covering:

  • Why it is called next-generation ERP
  • 200 USD Billion market
  • How it works – why changing rows to a column in DB reduces the time from 6 hours to 6 sec
  • SAP new Approaches on making it THE ERP solution of future

4 — APICS CSCP & CIMP preparation classes

5 — Training on 6Sigma BB vs Lean+Theory of Constraints – TOC

5A Consulting!

Increasing Operational Effectiveness in End-to-End Supply Chain using SAP S/4HANA